Artistic approach

Alewijn Don A.K.A. Don Drawings is an Amsterdam based autodidact artist and conceptual designer. Having a background in Art History and History he formed a passion for the constructivist movements of the early 20th century. This inspiration is clearly visible in his artistic style, which shows a mix of elements from Suprematism, De Stijl, Cubism and Bauhaus at the same time.
His neat and defined geometrical style allows him to minimalize the world around us. The emphasis lies on lines, forms and colours. He claims that "Colours and shapes are all around us, by rearranging them and making them a central theme I capture them in eternity". Following his own intuition he endeavours to connect to his audience by using basic visual elements. By focussing on classical media, such as paint and ink, in an almost digitally constructed way he plays with the memory of modern media.