Commissioned Works

Looking for something special to fit your interior or office? I take pride in creating custom-made artworks for my clients. One of my strengths is converting ideas, experiences and mottos into visual abstract concepts. If you want to capture those important thoughts and experiences in life in a unique way, I am your creative artist! In a step by step plan we discuss your preferences. I then will create 2 different approaches of your concept, meeting your highest standards. In this process I endeavour to make the right combination of your demands and my creative experience. In the final stage it is up to you which one you love most!

"The Sky is Simply the Limit"

Acrylics on handmade cotton paper/ 75x55 cm.

For a Dutch real estate agent I created this large painting portraying his business mottos 'The sky is the limit' and 'Keep it simple'. The composition shows a building and a building plan in one. The walls, chambers and domes are portrayed in colours the sky adopts during various weather types. From orange skies during sunrise to rainy grey days. From bright summer air to clear night skies. The red, orange and grey colours also depict stone types, from brick to concrete. This corresponds to the client being a dealer in stone. All together the emphasis of this painting is the message that everything is possible, if you are able to keep things simple and clear. I titled it: "The Sky is Simply the Limit".



"Achterhoek - Randstad"

Fineliner on paper/ 42x29 cm.

This drawing was created for someone who originally comes from ‘De Achterhoek’ and now lives partly in Amsterdam. It portrays an opposition between the countryside ('Achterhoek') in the Netherlands and the conurbation, the ‘Randstad’. It shows a symbolic centre where lines cross each other like infrastructure in densely populated areas. The Randstad is an area considered to be the political and economical centre of The Netherlands. The crossing lines show the turmoil and action, typical for this part of the country.

Around the centre you see straight lines symbolising the raked polder landscape, characteristic for the Netherlands. Everyday life is orderly and clear in the countryside. To the right we see the actual 'Achterhoek', which could be translated as 'Back corner'. In the shape of an actual corner it portrays that rural region in the outer east of the Netherlands (right side of the compass). One line forms the lifeline of the client between his beloved 'Achterhoek' and the treasured capital of The Netherlands.


“Galactica Galore”

Acrylics on handmade cotton paper/ 3x 75x55 cm.

This triptych matched the wishes of a couple, looking to spice up their living room wall. They requested something similar to an early work of mine called "Galactica". The placement of form and the dynamic structure appealed to them. However they requested larger measurements and a different colour scheme to match their personal wishes and interior. Playing with different kinds of blue, green, yellow and orange got me excited and this very vibrant triptych became the final stage of this lovely process. An outer space and joyful experience is what it provokes. Form and colour are the most important features of this large triptych. It perfectly shows what I'm able to do for you, my client. My designs in earlier artworks could form easthetic guidance for your custom-made artwork.